Special Objects

by Gail Kennedy Keffer

Many times a seemingly insignificant object can give us a very important message. It may not be a mystery as we think of mysteries, but it could seem like a mystery to others. To you it has an important message. Just seeing something can recall an important time, a message or a relationship for you. While it may not mean anything to another person. This was also true for people in the past. God would often use this technique. Maybe it would be something like He mentioned in the parables. It could be as small as a mustard seed. Maybe it was something as big as a rainbow.

For you it may be a certain song, a certain place, a particular time, or a seemingly unimportant Christmas ornament. But it has a beautiful message for you.

These devotionals tell about something that was used to talk to people in the Bible. Those objects still carry a beautiful message for us today. They tell us about the faith that God had in those people as a human being. He has the same faith in us today.