The Beatitudes
By Gail Keffer

This is a series of devotionals devoted to the beatitudes.

These are written as a devotional with a few questions for each beatitude. The questions are given to help develop questioning in their minds and lead to a further understanding of the way that particular scripture applies to their everyday life. They may also be printed out and passed out to the church members who do not have computer access or used in a group study with the questions leading to discussions.

There is a devotional dedicated to each of the beatitudes. The cover page could also be used as a devotional or study guide or be eliminated depending on the preference of the one using this series. There are actually nine devotionals here plus the cover page. The first page is an overview type of introduction and then the individual devotionals are in depth on each of the Beatitudes. Many references are made to THE MESSAGE. THE MESSAGE is written by Eugene H. Peterson (Copyright 2002) from the original language and crafted to present its tone, rhythm, events, and ideas in everyday language of today for better understanding.