By Gail Kennedy Keffer

This series is written in first person of the character as he/she may have felt at that time. We will concentrate on Angels, Shepherds, the Inn Keeper, Mary, Joseph and the Wise Men.

These were first written for use on a church web site to offer a weekly devotional or as a Bible study. The questions are given to help develop questioning in our minds and lead to a further understanding of the way that particular character(s) applies to our everyday life. It could also be printed out and passed out to the church members who do not have computer access or used in a group study with the questions leading to discussions.

These were also designed so that they could be presented as a small skit to lead into a discussion of the part each one had in the Christmas story.

I feel that there is a place for almost everyone in the story of Christ's birth, so study of it helps us to find what is expected of us for the spreading of His Word today.

I have referred to THE MESSAGE several times. The Message is written by Eugene H. Peterson (Copyright 2002) from the original language and crafted to present its tone, rhythm, events, and ideas in everyday language of today for better understanding. This set includes the shepherds, the angels, the innkeeper, Mary, Joseph and the Magi.

Angels Gail Kennedy Keffer This a discussion among some of the angels about the upcoming birth of Christ and what they may have been thinking.
The Shepherds Gail Kennedy Keffer This can be used as a devotional or a short one-act play and have music and devotions added. It is a conversation among the shepherds that may have h...
Innkeeper Gail Kennedy Keffer This is a devotional that may have been a devotional or a one-act play/monologue by the Innkeeper and have music or discussion added
Mary Gail Kennedy Keffer This is a possible monologue by Mary concerning the birth of Christ. It can be used as a devotional or a one-act short play with music, etc added.
Joseph Gail Kennedy Keffer A devotional or a possibloe monologue by Joseph concerning the birth of Christ. Music and Scripture may be added as desired.
Magi Gail Kennedy Keffer This is a devotional written in first person that may have been some of the thoughts of the Wise Men at the time of Christ's birth. It could also be ...