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by Gail Kennedy Keffer

This series is written in first person of the character as he/she may have felt at that time. These were first designed for use on a church web site to offer a weekly devotional. The questions are given to help develop questioning in our minds and lead to a further understanding of the way that particular character(s) applies to our everyday life. We have found that the series for Advent has also been used as a monologue or conversation in a short one-act play, and some churches have printed them and passed them out to the church members for personal devotions. Some have also used them as a group Bible study with questions leading to discussions.

This could also be presented as a small skit to lead into a discussion of the part each one had in the Easter story.

I feel that there is a place for almost everyone in the story of Christ's death, so study of it helps us to find what is expected of us for the spreading of His Word today. All of us are tempted daily and sometimes we also deny Christ or do not take the opportunity to spread the Good News. We are all sinners. Sometimes we want to give and do so generously. Sometimes we just take. Sometimes we run. The series concentrates on, Peter, Pilate, a Roman Soldier, the thief on the cross, Joseph of Arimathaea, Mary Magdalene, and Judas.

I realize there are more than the needed number to have one for each week, but the people can choose which ones they want to study or do two some weeks. I feel that each one listed is important for our knowledge of the death of Jesus Christ.