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Loyal Followers

by Gail Kennedy Keffer

There is a wonderful old song that says "I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back." These people did just that. And, that is all that Christ asks of us - to "follow" in the way He taught. The people in this series were loyal followers. It wasn't easy, but very seldom is anything worthwhile easy!

The people who were loyal followers were Barnabas, Elisabeth and Zachariah, Luke, Paul, Priscilla and Aquila, Silas, Zacchaeus, Dorcas, Anna and Simeon. Others were loyal followers also, but I have picked these to include in the study. They weren't all household names but they were important. Many people are like them today.

They don't want to be in charge. They will do their share as they are asked. And without them, those who are in a leadership position cannot succeed. Both are equally important. The studies can be used for individual devotions or for a study group situation. Although the times have changed, the people are still the same. We still need leaders and loyal followers to accomplish God's task on earth.